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Stacked Git

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StGit is a Python application providing similar functionality to Quilt (i.e. pushing/popping patches to/from a stack) on top of Git. These operations are performed using Git commands and the patches are stored as Git commit objects, allowing easy merging of the StGit patches into other repositories using standard Git functionality. StGit is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Note that StGit is not an SCM interface on top of Git and it expects a previously initialised Git repository. For standard SCM operations, either use plain Git commands or the Cogito tool.

For more information, see the README file in the archive.

Please report bugs via the project page or the StGit users mailing list.


2013-09-30: StGit-0.17.1 released

2013-06-27: StGit-0.17 released

2012-01-09: StGit-0.16 released

2009-10-24: StGit-0.15 released

2009-04-10: StGit repository moved to

2008-06-08: StGit-0.14.3 released

2008-03-24: StGit-0.14.2 released

2007-12-12: StGit-0.14.1 released

2007-12-10: StGit-0.14 released

2007-07-26: StGit-0.13 released

2007-02-23: StGit-0.12.1 released

2007-02-06: StGit-0.12 released

2006-10-21: StGit-0.11 released

2006-06-11:StGit-0.10 released

2006-04-07: StGit-0.9 released

2006-01-22: StGit-0.8.1 released

2005-12-23: StGit-0.8 released

2005-10-15: StGit-0.7.1 released

2005-10-02: StGit-0.7 released

2005-08-21: StGit-0.6 released

2005-07-30: StGit-0.5 released

2005-07-10: StGit repository available (see the Download section below)

2005-07-09: StGit-0.4 released

2005-06-28: StGit-0.3 released

2005-06-22: StGit daily snapshots are available (see the Download section below)

2005-06-20: StGit-0.2 released

2005-06-16: StGit-0.1 released



StGit repository (Git): git://


Many thanks to Karl Wiberg, Yann Dirson, Chuck Lever and Paolo 'Blaisorblade' Giarrusso for their great contribution to the development of StGit. Many thanks to all the people who contributed patches, ideas or reported bugs.